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About Wordpress Course

Wordpress is a free tool used to create and build websites, about 20 % of web users use wordpress to create websites be it an e-commerce website or a personal websites for blogs, due to its Flexible CMS of easy to learn, adapt and create wordpress is most loved tool. The course includes creating a website from scratch to an advanced website.

Every second 17 blogs are posted on wordpress sites, wordpress used by many named brands. If this can make their websites that attractive and user friendly then it can do wonders to your website too. Plugins in websites can help you add many extensions without coding, with the help of many back link plugins wordpress can help companies have customer relations, tracking and many other, it is absolutely free, you can freelance with it and even work for companies with masters in wordpress, you can earn without working for clients on wordpress, it's easy to manage and you can start it without any delay

Course Duration 6 Months

Daily Time 2 Hours

Course Modules

  • Installing And Configuring.
  • Customize And Installing Themes & Plugin.
  • HTML To WordPress Converting.

Advantages of wordpress

It is a content management site which helps the developer to create a website easy to create and user friendly interface, it is free of cost you just need to download free files and then you can pay for self hosting your website or one can go with managed hosting if you don’t have time to invest.

With thousands of templates one can design a website in a snap, you have two more options here of choosing from free or premium templates, even adding posts and content is very easy and feasible, plugin extensions help to make it more advanced and attractive and it is easy to update

Future scope Of wordpress

If you are a early stage of choosing a career for you in developing field you can be a wordpress developer about 26% consists of wordpress website compared to other developing programmes like Php, Python,Javascript a wordpress developer who knows every technicality of web development can have access and right to all application of a company along with that you can create your website in 62 different languages, with emerging development in the digitized world wordpress developer get ample of opportunities making it a secured job

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