Terms and Conditions

  • Institute has rights to change batch timing. Also The Student’s Branch may be transferred for some reason or for some course content in the future.
  • Students has to give leave application in advance.
  • The student must come to the Head Branch for some kind of work & completions of procedure like, Cancellation, branch transfer etc.
  • In job oriented course as well as course in which we provide job there must student have to perform 90% attendance & submit all project on time.
  • If the course leaves incomplete or if some software is left from the course package, then not eligible for job and also the certificate is not eligible to be received.
  • Student have to pay Regularly Installment of fees and also if he/she failed to pay fees at that time, he/she also liable for pay penalty. Collect & check fees receipt at time of fees payment before leaving admission office.
  • In case of change course there new fee applicable and also old discount automatically remove.
  • Fees Installment Date will be fix. as per, If Admission in between Date 1st to 15th then installment date will 1st and if admission date in between 16th to 31st then installment date will 20th of month.
  • Student will not involve His/her self in any action of ragging during the course of education in this Institute. Involvement in ragging is a cognizable offence and will result in police action which would
    result in cancellation of Student’s admission to the course and also Student have to pay all the fees of related course.
  • Student supposed to bear any loss or damage to Books, Apparatus, Furniture and other articles belonging to the Institutions, Which may be caused by Student’s carelessness. The loss estimated by the Institution is final.
  • Student obey the order of the Head of Departments and other staff members of the Institutions. In case Student’s behavior is found rough, arrogant and short of discipline his/her admission may be cancelled and he/she may be expelled from the Institute without prior Information forfeiting the fees paid.
  • The organization is not responsible for any type of misrepresentation or event occurring with the student outside the institution and also like institute events, picnic, up-down from home to institute etc.
  • Red & White not being responsible for any kind of social media group created by student, any kind of data leak from social media, system fault, important data, affair, financial issue, steal expensive thing & other related things happen between students. Individual student is responsible for this.
  • In case Student want to discontinue studies in Institute before completion of the course or want to seek transfer to any other institution Student have to pay the full fees for all the remaining years i.e. for the entire course before claiming the Certificate and any other documents.
  • In case of course drop out admission will continue up to 2 years of joining date after that if student want to join then they have to take new admission with new fee.
  • In case of package admission & free course if student cancel main course admission then student have to complete fees of another course & free course.
  • The student should read all the rules of admission as well as know the certification / result, syllabus, course content, branches and extra commitment and take it in writing if necessary.
  • Any dispute pertaining to any matter as a students or alumnus of Red and White shall be subjected to the jurisdiction of the Surat courts only.
  • Institute will have rights to change above rule at particular duration if needed.