Professional Spoken English Training in Surat


There are many people who know reading and writing of English but find it difficult to speak while communicating with others. As we know, without speaking practice it’s impossible to learn and speak any language. With the use of new technology, SpeakToday.com empowers student and professionals with excellent ‘English Speaking’ skills.

All courses comes with real-time online classes ‘Instructor Support’ (optional), videos, interactive learning modules and anytime English speaking practice using ‘Headphone/Mic’ Support. We help learners use grammatically correct sentences and speak English confidently using correct pronunciation.

Spoken English Course Module

    • Creating English environment.
    • Greeting people & Introduction.
    • Developing various Senses and skills.
    • Indicating objects.
    • Talking about abilities.
    • Requesting someone, suggest and express feelings.
    • Describe people’s appearance.
    • Expressing degree of certainty.

  • Who is better than the best.
  • Talk about your future plans.
  • Daily Routine.
  • The past tense of – ending.
  • Telephoning Expressions.
  • Speaking beginner to Intermediate.
  • Intermediate to advance.

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