Professional Revit Project Training in Surat


Revit course Module

    • Introduction.
    • Work Space Types Of Wall.
    • How To Use Of Component.
    • Door And Windows.
    • Types Of Stairs.
    • How Create Railing, Floor & Roof.
    • How To Create New Level.
    • Room And Area.
    • Reflected Ceiling Plans.
    • Text.
    • Link For Revit Link, Cad Link, Dwf Mark Up & Decal.
    • Massing Site.
    • Model By Face : Curtain System, Roof, Wall & Floor.
    • Model Site.

  • Use of assembly constrains and mechanism.
  • Exploded assembly views.
  • Sheet metal and Surfacing features.
  • Mould (casting) tools Welding features.
  • 2d drawing creation from model.
  • To create BOM and balloons and Template making.
  • Animation creation and Analysis.

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