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    Adobe Photoshop is a software that deals with editing a photo in a way that it engages with the end user better. Photoshop is the brain child of Knoll brothers John and Thomas. John Knoll is a supervisor of visual effects and Chief Creative Officer (CCO) in the company Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) and Thomas Knoll is a software engineer.Thomas was the main who took the initiative of developing the software aspects while John had put together the graphical interface for it. Photoshop is the most widely used photo editing software of the world. The reason behind Photoshop being a hot favorite with designers and editors is that the software is user friendly.

    Revit course Module

    • Introduction.
    • Work Space Types Of Wall.
    • How To Use Of Component.
    • Door And Windows.
    • Types Of Stairs.
    • How Create Railing, Floor & Roof.
    • How To Create New Level.
    • Room And Area.
    • Reflected Ceiling Plans.
    • Text.
    • Link For Revit Link, Cad Link, Dwf Mark Up & Decal.
    • Massing Site.
    • Model By Face : Curtain System, Roof, Wall & Floor.
    • Model Site.
    • Use of assembly constrains and mechanism.
    • Exploded assembly views.
    • Sheet metal and Surfacing features.
    • Mould (casting) tools Welding features.
    • 2d drawing creation from model.
    • To create BOM and balloons and Template making.
    • Animation creation and Analysis.
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