Python training in surat

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The benefit of Python can be proven by the list of companies which have it in their tech stack.

YouTube, DropBox, Google, Quora and even Netflix use Python. Also, it is the second most used language in the world according to GitHub. There are many other reasons that I can give you on why should you learn Python. Top 5 reasons People use Python are:

  • It is fast and Powerful
  • Plays well with other
  • Runs everywhere
  • It is easy to learn. (That means you can learn it even if your adventure with programming has just began)
  • It is friendly (Credit goes to all those community hosts conferences, meetups, collaborates on codes and etc.)

Python is great for web development. If I have to mention at least Django which is the most popular framework. Its feature is that within a single package, you get everything you need to build a web application from low – to – high end. It will be worthy to add that such a popular web application that Google, Instagram, YouTube and even Quora is made on Python.

Python is used for Machine Learning as well: fingerprints identification, predicting stocks or spam detection, it is also used for Browser Automation. Actually, you use selenium with Python to automate your browser to do social media posts.

Python Course Content

Core Python
  • Intro to Python
  • Fundamentals of Python
  • Collection Data Types
  • Control Structure & Looping
  • Functions in Detail
  • Arrays in Python
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Encapsulation
  • Inheritance
  • Polymorphism
  • Exception Handling
  • File Handling
  • Modules and Packages
  • Working with STL (Built-in Libraries)
  • Regular Expression
  • Command Line Argument (CLI)
  • PIP – Package Manager
  • Database Interaction with MySQL
  • Building GUI Application with Tkinter
Advance Python
  • OS & sub process module
  • Multithreading with Python
  • E-Mailing with different modules
  • Iterators, Generators & Closures
  • Higher Order Functions
  • Decorators
  • Virtual Environment
  • Data Analysis using NumPy
  • Array Indexing
  • Working with Anaconda Navigator
  • Exploring different IDEs like PyCharm
  • Data Analysis with Pandas
  • Data Frames
  • Data Visualization with matplotlib
  • Creating histograms
  • Networking with Sockets
  • Web Scrapping
  • Web Automation
  • JSON Parsing
  • Intro to Web Development with Flask

Pre-Requirement for Learn Python :

Course Duration

  • For Only Python :- 3.5 Month (2 Hour/Day)
  • For With All Pre-Requirement :As Depend on Selected Course/Courses

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