Master In Android Development

Everyone knows that Android is developed by main contributor and commercial marketer of Google. That is the reason the present period should now be known as the Android time in light of the fact that 98% of the world’s mobiles are Android based framework mobiles. And now Televisions and numerous different gadgets additionally work from the Android framework. So imagine how much employment there will be in this field.

Today, India is the second most mainstream nation on the planet with versatile mobile products, we can understand that the interest of Android developers is weighing vigorously. There is a demand for Android developers in the service department of mobile companies and this interest is going to increase day by day so the demand of Android Developer will rapidly going to be increased, so for any individual who needs to do this course then this course will give a great opportunity like golden egg. After becoming an Android developer, a person can start his very own Android service center for business and can utilize others too as an employee. This course can be pursued by anybody from standard 10th pass to postgraduate, and for the individual who wants to graduate in the media field, this point is great for further, and they can do well in the future.

Android App Development

  • Android is open source
  • Android is easy to understand
  • Android is powerful operating system
  • Android has 85% market place in mobile development
  • In android we can develop following category app:
    Education | Entertainment | Shopping | Sport | Art and Design etc.

Java or Kotlin

  • Widely used programming language
  • Easy to understand
  • Make developing fast
  • App development using java and kotlin.

Android Corporate Development

Online Shopping App | Budget Tracker App | GST Calculator App | Chatting App

Android Product base Development

Photo Video Editor | Music Player | MP3 Cutter | Custom File Explorer

Android Game Development

Kid Game | Bubble Squash Game | Sudoku Game | Tic-Tac-Toe Game

Mobile Application and Graphics Design

  • Best Ul design for Application
  • Logo and Icon design
  • Screenshot and Background design
  • Various frame design

Play Store & ASO (App Store optimization)

  • Publish app in google play store
  • App ranking ASO
  • Increase downloads and rating using ASO
  • How to earn more money with play store
  • Various Ads provided platform(Admob, Facebook, Startup)

Final Project

  • Develop real world project
  • Structure of company level project
  • Develop project with less time.
  • How to manage many projects at the same time
  • How to develop project with lowest cost with more quality
How to become an Entrepreneur & Freelancer
PD (Personality Development)


  • કોમ્પ્યુટર ક્ષેત્રે Graduate કે Undergraduate.
  • 10 / 12 પાસ ગાણિતિક રુચિ ધરાવતા વિદ્યાર્થીઓ.
  • અન્ય ક્ષેત્રે નોકરી કરનાર વ્યક્તિ.
  • હાઉસવાઇફ, બિઝનેસમેન.
  • નોકરી તથા પોતાનો વ્યવસાય નું ક્ષેત્ર ફેરવવા ઇચ્છતા વ્યક્તિ.
  • શીખવું ખુબજ સરળ છે.
  • દુનિયાનું 74.83% મોબાઈલ માર્કેટ Android ફોન ( 2.5 અબજ લોકો ) ધરાવે છે.
  • દુનિયા ના કોઈ પણ ખૂણે નોકરી મેળવવી સરળ છે.
  • open source હોવાથી ( ફ્રી સોફ્ટવેર )
  • 0 ઇન્વેસ્ટમેન્ટ થી બિઝનેસ ચાલુ કરી શકાય.
  • ઘરેબેસી (Freelance) ને કાર્ય કરી શકાય.
  • પોતાના વ્યવસાય કે નોકરી ની સાથે પાર્ટ ટાઈમ વર્ક મેળવી શકાય .
  • તમારી કંપની ને ડિજિટલ પ્લેટફોર્મ આપવા માટે.
  • ખુબજ મોટું અને સતત વિકાસ પરંતુ ક્ષેત્ર.