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About iOS Course

iOS application development is the process of making mobile applications for Apple hardware, including iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The software is written in the Swift programming language or Objective-C and then deployed to the App Store for users to download.

Course Duration 12 Months

Daily Time 2 Hours

Included In This Course

  • 100% Job Assistance
  • Rich Learning Content
  • Taught by Experienced Prof.
  • Industry Orientd Projects

Course Modules

Programming Foundation

  • C Language
  • Intro. of C Language
  • History & Structhure of C.
  • Compile and Run Command.
  • Variable & Data Type.
  • Constant & Operator
  • Decision Making & Control Statement.
  • Local & Global Variable.
  • Loops (While, Do While & For)
  • Array (1D & 2D And Multi – Dimensional)
  • String
  • Function
  • C++ Language
  • Intro. of OOP
  • Declaration of Variable and Data Types.
  • C++ Character Function.
  • Control Statement and Array.
  • Info. of Class and Object.
  • Inheritance & Polymorphism.
  • Data Hiding & Encapsulation.
  • Overloading & Reusability.
  • Constructor & Destructor.
  • Inline & Virtual Function.

C, C++


3 Months

Core iOS (Swift)

  • Core Swift
  • Basic Core Concepts
  • Overview of Objective C
  • Basic Information of iOS
  • Introduction of XCode
  • Basic Concepts with playground
  • IB Outlets & IB Actions
  • Storyboard & XIB
  • Delegate & Protocol
  • Text field & text view and Delegate methods of them
  • Ui Controls
  • Api Calling
  • Constraints
  • Dynamic UI Controls
  • Cocoa Pods
  • Local Database
  • Core Database
  • Tab Bar
  • App Uploading

Core Swift


3 Months


1.Brain Games 2.Card Games 3.Expense Manager App. 4.Quiz App 5.EMI Calculator 6.Health App 7.RTO Exam app. 8.Contact Duplicate App 9.Tic-Tac-Toe Game 10.Teuth & Dare Game 11.QR Code & Barcode Scanner & Generator app.

Advance iOS (Swift)

  • Advance Swift
  • Models
  • Coding Intrusions as a Developer
  • MVC Architecture
  • MVVM Architecture
  • Map, Filter, Reduce
  • SideBar
  • Advance API Calling
  • Push Notifications
  • Firebase Integrations
  • Project Architecture
  • Droppdown, Pop-Ups
  • Use Controls in Advance
  • App Group
  • Thread Controlling
  • UI / UX Design
  • Figma
  • Introduction of Figma
  • Select, Rectangle, Ellipse, Line, Polygon & Text tool.
  • Pen Tool, Artboard Tool, Zoom Tool Appearance Option.
  • Clipping Amsk, Repeat Grid, Scrolling Option Working with Assets and Layer, Grouping and Ungrouping
  • Crautirg Cloud Acceurt & Introducticn of Prototype Preview.
  • Using Figma Kimts & Plugins.
  • Sharing your Figma Designs.
  • Viewing Design on Mobile.

Advance Swift


3 Months


1.Multi-vendor app 2.Queue Management app 3.Video Streaming app 4.Weather App 5.Notes App 6.MoodTracker app 7.Chart app 8.Cab Booking app 9.Survey apps 10.AR apps


  • App Store Optimization
  • Introduction of ASO
  • Keyword Optimization.
  • Keyword Planner.
  • ASO tool of Apple
  • Google Ads.
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Ads with XCode
  • Onpage Aso.
  • FB, Instagram & Linkedin
  • App Name & Sub Title
  • Screen shots
  • App Localization
  • Upwork & Freelancer & Anglist

3 Months


1.Basic one Entry-Level Application 2.Basic one Advanced-Level Application 3.Upload app to app Store 4.Application Marketing With Google Ad Mob

iOS Training Course Overview

We Are Only One ATC Authorized Training Provider In Gujarat.

We offer 100% job Assistance after completing the course.

In Gujarat, RNW is only one IOS Training Provider so Student can get the maximum benefit of latest curriculum in IOS technology.

This course is designed to meet all levels of student requirements. Our IOS trainer understands the actual need of fresher student to professional

Our trainer will make sure complete understanding of each and every concept included in course because of listening and solving student’s doubt one to one.

Best iOS Training Institute In Surat

RNW technologies mainly focuses on the present scope of IOS app and real-time requirements.

Each section of the module will boost your programming skills. Realtime projects will be conducted like creating many real world applications.

On successful completion of the course you will definitely get a job.

What Are The Prerequisites For iOS Development Course?

Basic knowledge of computer is good to start learning with, you don’t need any degree or diploma to secure a job, Nowadays companies are not specifically asking for a degree or diploma.

Other Benefits Of Learning iOS Development Are:

Higher demands for Jobs :

Web developers’ salary is definitely not low. In a Glassdoor report, the average salary of a web developer is $93,402 per year which makes it one of the most attractive jobs in the market.

Cross-Platform Compatibility :

The mobile app industry is growing regarding the huge and growing user base, symbolize the influence of this system.

Significant for brand building :

Without the aid of a website designer as well as a developer, no brand can grow. The simple way is to use these websites with technological advancement which made it possible for more people to know about various brands. Every business searching, for a web designer or developer with talents, all you need to contact from Surat about web designing course.

Flexibility :

One of the being a web developer is IOS has no developmental condition like iOS platform, Android is highly flexible to go after many developmental capabilities.

High demand for iOS developers :

Now a time software Companies are looking for mobile app and software firms are turning to mobile app development. This growing situation has increased the demand for aspect iOS developers.

Easy Accessibility :

A developer can use the IOS open source platform from anywhere or anytime through a system, device and internet connection.

High Earning Potential :

Developers can develop an IOS app for a business company with a software firm or they can work from their home as well by creating mobile application.


Who can join iOS Course?

  • Undergraduate or graduate in computer field.
  • Pass 10/12 Mathematics Interested Students.
  • One person is employed in another field.
  • Housewife, Businessman.
  • A person who wants to turn a job and his field of business.

Why should I learn iOS?

  • It is very easy to learn.
  • In the world’s mobile market, 32% people own Iphones (1 billion people).
  • Getting a job in any corner of the world is easy.
  • Being open source (free software)

What after iOS course?

  • Business can be started with 0 investment.
  • Freelance work can be done.
  • Part-time work can be obtained with one’s own occupation or job.
  • To give digital platform to your company.
  • Area but very large and continuous development.