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Interior Designing Training

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Interior Designing Training Course Objectives

  1. Introduction to Interior & Exterior Design
  2. Creating Plan, Elevation, Section, Staircase, Schedule and Electric Layout
  3. Cad 3d Modelling, Materials, Lighting, Camera and Rendering
  4. 3D Designing Tools of Sketch up & Introduction
  5. Create 3D Interior & Exterior View
  6. 3D Furniture Create and Download Furniture model
  7. Apply to a V-Ray Material, Light, Camera & Rendering
  8. Creating Landscaping & Geo Location
  9. Create Landscaping of 3d Model & Introduction to Lumion
  10. Using Animated Library & Created Animated camera Walkthrough
  1. 3Ds Max Introduction & Using Modifiers, Selection, 2D Shaping Tools, Modify Tools and Edit Poly
  2. To Create 3d Interior, Exterior View and 3d Elevation by using 2d Plan
  3. Different Types Of Materials and Lights: Standard, Mental Ray and V-Ray
  4. Create Texture Mapping in Photoshop, Image Editing Tools Portfolio & Brochure Design
  5. Create Day and Night View of Interior & Exterior View
  6. Introduction Revit & Creating Plan, Elevation and Sections
  7. Create Wall, Door, Component, Floor, Roof & Celling
  8. Space Planning, Area Rendering and Schedules and Quantities
  9. Massing & Site and Rendering in Autodesk’s Revit
  10. Final Project

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Interior Designing Course Syllabus.


  1. Working On Interior & Exterior Draft Plan
  2. Draw Door, Window, Furniture
  3. Creation Elevation, Section, Staircase & Schedule
  4. 3d Modelling & Modification Tools
  5. Material, Lighting, Camera and Rendering

3Ds Max

  1. Working on Interior & Exterior Modelling
  2. Editable Poly, Patch Modelling, 2D Shaping Tools
  3. Draw 3D Plan and 3D Elevation by Using 2d Plan
  4. Material and Lights: Standard, Mental Ray and V-Ray
  5. Create Day and Night View of Interior & Exterior View
  6. Camera View and Rendering
  7. Texture Mapping in Photoshop

Sketch up

  1. Working On Modelling Interior & Exterior View
  2. Create Furniture, Landscaping, Solid tools & Online Library
  3. V-Ray: Material, Light, Camera & Rendering
  4. Create a Scene with Animation
  5. Final Render Output Interior & Exterior View With Landscaping


  1. Material and Lights
  2. Camera View and Rendering
  3. Day and Night View of Interior & Exterior View


  1. Interior& Exterior Design Regarding Photoshop
  2. Image Editing & Effects
  3. Portfolio & Brochure Design


  1. Working on Interior & Exterior View
  2. Landscaping of 3d Model
  3. Using Lumion & Animated Library
  4. Render a view with all Effects (Day View & Night View)
  5. Animated Camera Walkthrough

Object Animation

  1. Create Animated Objects
  2. Modifier Animation
  3. Particle System
  4. Human Character Animation
  5. Image Editing & Effects
  6. Movie Maker & Create Clip
  7. Working With Camera & Creating Animated Walkthrough

Revit Architecture

  1. Plan, Elevation and Section with Door, Windows
  2. Component & Furniture
  3. Floor, Roof, Ceiling, Stair, Railing & Ramp
  4. Space Planning and Area Analysis
  5. Materials, Lighting, Camera and Rendering
  6. Schedule and Quantities
  7. Massing Site with Curtain system, Roof, Wall & Floor
  8. Annotating Construction Documents
  9. Camera & Walkthrough
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Guaranteed Minimum 20 Interviews With Placement Companies

Student Reviews For Interior Designing Training

RWn. Pratiksha Kachhadiya

HOD (Civil-Interior Design)

RNW Interior Designer Trainer Profile

  1. Diploma in Civil Engineering
  2. Having 3.5 Year Experience in Civil & Interior Designing as well as civil and Interior Trainer
  3. Good Knowledge of Interior Design
  4. Train 1000+ Students Civil and Interior Design Train
  5. Residential space planner/ house designer.
  6. Experience with Interior & Exterior Design
  7. Experience with the Visualizing and Drawing
  8. Experience working with Clients, customers and Partners
  9. Excellent written and verbal Communication skills

Interior Design Trainer Experience

  1. Job Experience in Architecture Design
  2. Responsible For Designing Department as error free and maximum student satisfaction
  3. Check daily update of programming and implementing in our syllabus.
  4. Civil & Interior Design Department leading the teams.

RNW Social Ratings

18000+ Satisfied Learners









Best Interior & Exterior Design training institute in Surat

Civil engineering training in Surat teaches a student on how to design these big constructions. From the plenty of courses of engineering to choose from this is one of the best courses because of the dynamic job opportunities available.

The people who complete this course gets an opportunity to just work with civil engineers and architects, so the door for various opportunities increases tremendously.

Well the software itself has many benefits attached to it, this is the perfect tool to visualize concepts. This software gives you complete freedom to redraw, repair and do everything with simple steps and easy tools

RNW technologies mainly focuses on the present scope of Interior & Exterior Design and real-time requirements.

On successful completion of the course you will definitely get a job Civil & Interior Design Department leading the teams.

This is one of the most used software across the different industries and used for making the designing time less. It even increases productivity of the organisation and lowers the cost of the major projects.

What are the Prerequisites for Interior Designing Course?

Basic knowledge of computer is good to start learning with, you don’t need any degree or diploma to secure a job, Now a days companies are not specifically asking for a degree or diploma.

Other Benefits of Learning Interior Designing are:

High user base

The Interior Design industry is growing regarding the huge and growing user base, symbolize the influence of this system.

No Licensing Fees

All Software being an open source platform, it can be collected free to Draw Design and expand its prototype.


Well the software itself has many benefits attached to it, this is the perfect tool to visualize concepts. This software gives you complete freedom to redraw, repair and do everything with simple steps and easy tools.

High demand for Civil & Interior Design

Interior & Exterior design is a growing industry with good job prospects and a good salary. … Interior designers may be able to find work in any location where a consumer demand exists for professionals to facilitate beautiful interior & Exterior design. This growing situation has increased the demand for aspect Interior Designer.

Easy Accessibility

A Designers can use the Software open source platform from anywhere or anytime through a system, device and no internet connection.
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Surat #1Interior Designing Course Training Institute

Red and White Multimedia Education is one of the best Civil & Interior Design training institute in Gujarat. Therefor student can take maximum benefit for latest company oriented course and maximize satisfaction.

  1. Certified Course
  2. Industry Oriented Training
  3. Job Guaranteed
  4. Multiple Placement Partner
  1. Multiple various events
  2. Trusted by more 2000+ Institute
  3. Multiple Training Center
  4. World Class Infrastructure
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You Can start with

Regular ClassesMon to Fri (You will get training in
regular 5-day classes)
1 Hour Extra Time for Practice (optional)
1 Hour Class & 1 Hour Practice
College ClassesSat & Sun (In weekend College you will
get training 2 days a week)
Time (In b/w 9:00 to 4:00)
1 hr (break)

Why Choose RNW Multimedia Education

  1. Free Demo Sessions
  2. Get Trained by Google Certified Trainers
  3. 100% Job Placement(Unlimited Interview Calls)
  4. Students Trained 18000+
  5. Job Placement Done 10000+ Candidates
  6. 100% Live Project Work
  7. Get Internship Letter
  1. Surprise Tests
  2. Get Sample Resume
  3. FREE Life Time Training Access
  4. Compact Batch Size(5 – 15 Candidates Only)
  5. Flexible Timings
  6. Weekend and Weekdays Batches
  1. Available in 4 Different Locations in Varachha
  2. Affordable Fee Structure
  3. Personal Loan Eligibility
  4. Special Discount for Groups
  5. Day & Events Celebration
  6. Company Visit
  7. Market Survey
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Top 5 Reasons to Learn Interior Designing.

  1. 100% job Guarantee as there is a Hugh demand for Interior & Exterior Designer
  2. You can work as independently for many clients as freelancer.
  3. One of the Benefits of intuitive, Powerful and Simple-to-learn 3D drawing tool.
  4. Start Yor Own Business and Improve the Quality of the Design.
  5. Excellent salary: 2 Year as per payscale.com Average salary for Interior Designer in India is Rs 4,00,000.
  6. These above 4 reasons are enough for you to choose this course and start moving on


  • 10/12 पास या फेल छात्र।
  • इंटरनेट डिजाइन करने में रुचि रखने वाले व्यक्ति।
  • गृहणी, व्यापारी
  • आर्किटेक्चर, सिविल डिज़ाइनर
  • व्यावहारिक क्षेत्र
  • विदेशों में भी बहुत अच्छी मांग है
  • बढ़ती मांग
  • स्वरोजगार के अवसर
  • चूंकि वर्तमान में इंटरनेट पर अधिक से अधिक कार्य हो रहे हैं।
  • बिजनेस को डिजिटल प्लेटफॉर्म मिलता है
  • वेब डिजाइनर के रूप में एक अलग पहचान पा सकते हैं
  • अच्छी नौकरी के लिए उज्ज्वल अवसर
  • अपनी खुद की कंपनी स्थापित करने के लिए

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