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    About This Course

    Graphic design is the art, profession and academic discipline whose activity consists in projecting visual communications intended to transmit specific messages to social groups, with specific objectives.

    Course Duration

    12 Months

    Daily Time

    2 Hours

    Included In This Course

    DTP (Desktop Publicity)

    • History of Graphics
    • Principle of raster and Vector Graphics
    • Importance of Text Content in Graphics
    • Understanding the types of logos
    • How to use Colors in Design (Color Management).
    • How to create design with arranging text(Typography)
    • Creating an amazing icon (Iconography)
    • Rules & Sizing of Graphics
    • All type of Printing Graphics
    • Photo Editing (Photo Studio & Textile Marketing)
    • Laser Cutting Design
    • Fundamental of Fashion Model & Textile Pattern
    • Product Packaging Design

    Languages To Learn:

    Corel DRAW, Photoshop

    Time Duration:

    3 Months

    Graphics Design

    • DTP (As About)
    • Creating Vector Graphics
    • Logo, Visiting Card, Brochure Design
    • Video & Animation Graphics
    • Promo Video, Title & Product base animation
    • Motion Graphics
    • Product Design for advertising
    • In Design
    • Design multi page documents containing taxt
    • Vector artwork and images
    • Use precise grids and guides to position page elements and create polished layouts
    • Professional typesetting features to format text consistently across pages, chapters, and publication

    Languages To Learn:

    Corel DRAW, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effect

    Time Duration:

    4 Months

    Master in Graphics Design

    • 3Ds MAX
    • 3D Graphics & Logo Design
    • 3D Product Design for advertising
    • Texturing and Material unwrapping
    • Modeling 3D Assets
    • Rendering with the best environment and lighting effects
    • Mind Mapping
    • Freeing the mind
    • Brinf brilliant ideas
    • Helping organize a strategic planning
    • Imagination Development
    • Thinking Skills Development
    • Increasing Motivation

    Languages To Learn:

    1.Drawing 2.Mind 3.Mapping 4.Portfolio Making (Behance, Dribbble, etc...)

    Time Duration:

    5 Months

    Master In Graphics Design Overview

    Graphic designing has to be connected to one’s very own life and everybody has to utilize it in the future. That is, the extent that people’s lives are concerned, the future of graphics designing is splendid and very bright. In our city, there is an extraordinary interest for graphics designers as business is developing day by day and in order to meet these additional developments, it is most important for them to make print advertising which requires surrendering to graphics design. Hence, the zone of illustrations structuring is simpler to learn and twofold in income than different zones. Graphics designers are in great demand in many sectors such as game development companies, film worlds, radio, printing and media companies, publicity companies. Designing graphics is one of the best ways to make a career in a short time period.


    • 10/12 pass or fail, diploma or engineering novice students.
    • Student of any stream of science, commerce or arts
    • Businessman or House Wife
    • Anyone interested in design and art
    • Individuals who want to do White Colar Job
    • For the person who chooses printing & advertising
    • Never a recession
    • An excellent source of Side Income
    • Constantly growing demand in every field
    • Graphics Design is required for the sale of any product
    • Compensation according to experience
    • Job can be done in IT, Production, Digital Marketing, Game Design, Animation or any other company
    • Business can be started with minimum investment
    • Freelancing can be done sitting at home.
    • You can learn web designing and we are offering web designing course in surat
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