Game Designing & Development Training

Game Designing & Development Training

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Game Designing & Development Course Objectives

  1. Discuss and define the terms and principles of game design and development.
  2. Select and evaluate programming and scripting languages to develop particular games.
  3. Define the structure and duties of the game development team.
  1. Practice animation production and creation tools.
  2. Apply the mathematics used in game design.
  3. Apply the physics needed to design computer games.

A Brief History of Video Games (Case Study Of Games)

  1. Games And Society
  2. Game Design
  3. Programming Fundamentals
  4. Debugging Games
  5. Game Architecture
  6. Teams And Processes
  1. Memory And I/O Systems
  2. Mathematical Concepts
  3. Collision Detection And Resolving
  4. Graphics
  5. Networks And Multiplayer Mode

What Our Students Say About Us

Game Designing & Development Course Syllabus

  • history of photoshop
  • create game graphics
  • environment and interface
  • pipeline for games
  • making seamless material and texture (tile and mirror)
  • making unwrapped model material
  • creat a mobile game screenshot
  • introduction of illustrator (raster & vector)
  • introduction to 2d game design
  • creat vector graphics of game
  • game interface (environment) and level designing
  • creat 2d cartoon character (player) designing
  • creat all types of gaming equipment
  • like- gun,bomb,cloth,medical equipment
  • buildings, road, vehicles(bike,car bus truck etc.)
  • project
  • work on real game
  • design full ludo,mini militia,teen patti game interface
  • portfolio
  • introduction of 3dsmax
  • poly modeling&2d shape tool
  • creat 3d interface and environment of game
  • creat models of building , house , forest , mountain , road etc.
  • material ,texturing
  • lighting and camera settings
  • finale output (rendering)
  • projects
  • work on real 3d game like pubg , counterstrike etc.
  • introduction of maya
  • work on poly modeling
  • work on detail model
  • work on real 3d model of game (all types of gun , vehicle etc. )
  • work with your own design
  • creat 3d cartoon character like minion, mario and self design
  • basic languages to learn unity 3d
  • c,c++,.net,c sharp
  • introduction of unity 3d
  • setting up the unity development environment
  • the basic of movement and player control
  • adding animation to character and scene
  • setting up player physics and coliders
  • creating game play systems
  • creating the interface elements and menus
  • applying effects to the game character and objects
  • optimization and organization
  • finale output
  • getting out put of game in .apk, .exe

2D DESIGN - Photoshop

  • Create Game Graphics
  • Environment and interface
  • Create a Mobile Game Screen Shot

3D DESIGN - MAYA (Modeling)

  • Introduction of MAYA
  • Work on Poly Modeling
  • Work on Real 3D Model of Game (All Types of Gun, Vehicle etc.)
  • Create 3D Cartoon Character Like Minion, Mario and Self Design


  • Basic Language to Learn Unity 3D
  • C, C++, C#
  • Introduction of Unity 3D
  • Setting up the Unity Development Environment
  • The Basic of Movement and Player Control
  • Adding Animation to Character and Scene
  • Setting up Player Physics and Collider
  • Creating Game Play System
  • Creating the Interface Elements and Menus
  • Applying Effects to the Game Character and Objects
  • Optimization and Organization
  • Finale Output
  • Getting Output of Game in .APK
Live Project Training Mario, Mini Militia Ludo, Call Of Duty, Pubg Etc.
Becoming A Businessman And Freelancer Pd (Personality Development)

Guaranteed Minimum 20 Interviews With Placement Companies

Student Reviews For Game Designing Training

HOD Gaming

RNW Game Design Trainer Profile

  1. Having 3.5 Years of experience in gaming design and good knowledge of in various 3D software’s like 3Ds max and MAYA
  2. Trained more than 1000+ students on Design field
  3. 5-star rating from all our students
  4. Have strong technical skills as well as excellent.
  5. I am eager to be challenged in order to grow and further improve my IT skills.
  6. My greatest passion is in life is using my technical know-how to benefit other people and organizations.

Web Design Trainer Experience

  1. Creating excellent content writing for the material.
  2. Managing Social Media, Email Marketing and Campaigns Lancing.
  3. Managing Business daily operations run smoothly with leading the teams Managing Business daily operations run smoothly with leading the teams.
  4. Analyzing graphics structure according to social media regarding.
  5. Responsible for social marketing related updates.

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Best game Training Institute in Surat

We mainly focus on the present scope and real-time requirements of game design and development. Each session of the module will boost your developing skills. Real-time projects and assignments will be assigned to you monitor and enhance your developing ability very accurately.

On successful completion of course, you will definitely get a job.

What are the Prerequisites for Gaming Course?

If you have sufficient knowledge of C/C++, then start making DirectX games.

If you are good with Java, maybe make an Android/cross-platform game.

Using C# for cross-platform games would also make sense.

Other Benefits of learning Game Design and Development are:

You Can Make Your Own Games

It’s no secret that the gaming industry is getting more and more competitive.

Thousands of college students graduate each year, which means even more people who will apply to the same positions you do.

The truth is, not everyone lands a job right away at the game studio of their dreams.

But the great thing about being a game designer is that you can do what countless others have done: make your own games.

The indie scene has been exploding for years now, which means big opportunities for designers to create their own projects or join a small team of fellow indie developers.

It may not be the most financially stable route to take but unlike most other graduates struggling today, at least you’ll be staying afloat and gaining experience doing what you actually want to.

You Know You’re In A Growing Industry

It’s hard to believe that after the North American video game crash of 1983, thousands of developers lost their jobs and almost every store refused to sell anything related to games.

Then along came a Japanese company named Nintendo to rekindle the fire with their Nintendo Entertainment System coupled with Super Mario Bros.

Now fast forward to today and you’re looking at a powerful industry that rivals even that of Hollywood and television.

This means that you don’t have to worry about switching fields or learning something else any time soon.

With more people playing games than ever before thanks to Facebook and smartphones, the number of gamers are only going to keep going up.

All those gamers are going to need passionate designers to create awesome experiences for them.

You Get Paid To Do What You Love

It’s a sad fact, especially in today’s economy, but most people are not doing what they dreamed about doing while growing up.

Even college graduates are taking up jobs that had nothing to do with what they studies to try and pay their massive loan debt.

If you enjoy the idea of creating charactersworlds, and gameplay for people to enjoy, then being lucky enough to land the role of game designers somewhere means you’ll be doing what you love for a living.

The good news is that the pay and benefits for designers at most studios is pretty good, and even great depending on where you work, your experience, etc.

Of course, most would advise against jumping into the gaming industry simply for the money. Instead, most development studios are filled with people who simply had a desire to use their own creativity toward making games for others.

You Don’t Need A Degree To Make Games

Although most game designers did go to college or university in order to receive instruction and learn new tools, it isn’t required.

Aside from going indie and making your own games, a lot of developers are more than willing to hire a designer if they simply show that they are capable of making games.

That being said, there’s no better way to learn the ins and outs of being a game designer than by going through a good program.

Most schools have great courses that teach you how to use software, give you hands-on learning, and even help you make your first game before you graduate.

Also, having a game design degree (or something similar) will usually increase your chances of getting your application looked at when you shoot your resume at a game company.

You Work With Other Passionate People

Being a game designer means working with other people who also grew up with games and love them enough that they want to help make them for a living.

Since the game development process is very reliant on teamwork and cooperation, you’ll most likely have a good time getting to know other passionate gamers while working together to make a great game.

The best part about working at a game studio is that everyone has their own unique tastes when it comes to games.

You may have grown up and gone to college with friends who are all about a specific game genre, but now you’re enjoying hearing other people talk about why they love other types of games so much.

It’s also satisfying knowing that as a designer you have a team of people having a good time while helping to make our ideas into a reality.

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Surat #1 Game Design Course Training Institute

Red and White Multimedia Education is one of the best Game Design Training Institute in Surat having advance Game Design course module.  Students taking Game Design classes are extremely satisfied with us. Here’s just a few reasons students would prefer us.

  1. Certified Course
  2. Industry Oriented Training
  3. Job Guaranteed
  4. Multiple Placement Partner
  1. Multiple various events
  2. Trusted by more 2000+ Institute
  3. Multiple Training Center
  4. World Class Infrastructure
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You Can start with

Regular ClassesMon to Fri (You will get training in
regular 5-day classes)
1 Hour Extra Time for Practice (optional)
1 Hour Class & 1 Hour Practice
College ClassesSat & Sun (In weekend College you will
get training 2 days a week)
Time (In b/w 9:00 to 4:00)
1 hr (break)

Why Choose RNW Multimedia Education

  1. Free Demo Sessions
  2. Get Trained by Google Certified Trainers
  3. 100% Job Placement(Unlimited Interview Calls)
  4. Students Trained 18000+
  5. Job Placement Done 3800+ Candidates
  6. 100% Live Project Work
  7. Get Internship Letter
  1. Surprise Tests
  2. Interview Preparation & Mock Interviews
  3. Get Sample Resume
  4. Special Focus on Personality Development & Soft Skills
  5. FREE Life Time Training Access
  6. Compact Batch Size(5 – 15 Candidates Only)
  7. Flexible Timings
  8. Weekend and Weekdays Batches
  1. Available in 4 Different Locations in Varachha
  2. Affordable Fee Structure
  3. Personal Loan Eligibility
  4. Special Discount for Groups
  5. Day & Events Celebration
  6. Company Visit
  7. Market Survey
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Top 5 Reasons to Learn Game Design and Development

  1. 100% job guarantee as there is a huge demand for Game designer and developers.
  2. The industry is big business, one of the largest in the world.
  3. The gaming industry is a hotbed of creative talent.
  4. Excellent job prospects and salaries.
  5. There are loads of education options.


Unity 3D, एक सामान्य प्लेटफ़ॉर्म आधारित Game Development है जिसका उपयोग Android Game और IOS Game दोनों के लिए किया जाता है

यदि आपके पास C / C ++ का पर्याप्त ज्ञान है, यदि आप जावा के साथ अच्छे हैं, तो शायद एंड्रॉइड / क्रॉस-प्लेटफॉर्म गेम बनाएं। क्रॉस-प्लेटफ़ॉर्म गेम के लिए C# का उपयोग करना भी समझ में आएगा।

हम पारंपरिक प्रक्रिया और ऑनलाइन प्रक्रिया दोनों को स्वीकार करते हैं। आप ईएमआई की मदद से भी फीस का भुगतान कर सकते हैं।

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