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    About This Course

    Game design is a large field, drawing from the fields of computer science/programming, creative writing, and graphic design. Game designers take the creative lead in imagining and bringing to life video game worlds and Game Development is the art of creating games and describes the design, development and release of a game. It may involve concept generation, design, build, test and release. While you create a game, it is important to think about the game mechanics, rewards, player engagement and level design.

    Course Duration

    12 Months

    Daily Time

    2 Hours

    Included In This Course

    Course Modules

    Master in Game Designning

    • 2D Game Design
    • Introduction to Photoshop, Illustrator Tools, Properties, Additionally Gaming Plugins.
    • Starting Shape with Use Shape Tool.
    • 2D Color Games.
    • Game Interface (UI/UX)-Introduction of Layer Style (Bevel Emboss, Drop Shadow, Gradient Overlay)
    • Object Editing using Camera Raw Filter.
    • Working with the Warp Tool.
    • Pop out Effrct
    • Character Design – Use Illustrayor.
    • Pen Tool.
    • Drawing tools that provide creative freedom and control.
    • Explore coloring options
    • Experiment with poses for your characters
    • Warp Tool.
    • Animation – Use Illustrator file in After Effest
    • Use Timeline. (Rotaion, Transform)
    • Frame by Frame Animation.
    • Export Gif (Png) Sprite Format
    • Study on Google Material & Apple Developer Guide.
    • How to Use Colors in Design (Color Management)
    • How to Create Designs with arranging text (Typography).
    • Creating Icon (iconography).
    • Actual Process of Design.
    • How to Prototype.
    • How to make more Informative, interactive & Business Attracting Designs.
    • Final Project with Market Survey and Creating Professional Designs as per industry requirements.
    • Making Portfolio and Resume on Online Platforms (Behance, Dribble etc.)
    • Software to learn : PSD, EPS, After Effect

    Languages To Learn:

    Photoshop, Illustrator, After effect, Blander, Maya

    Time Duration:

    12 Months

    Projects :

    1. 3D Game na UI UX 2.Simple Shape Game 3. 2D Farm & Maze Games. sky Safari Shadow Fight 4.Hay day 5.Vector 6.Sand Balld 7.Voodoo Games 8. Missiles

    For Game Development

    Master In Game Design Overview

    When you hear the word GAME it would appear that it is utilized to burn through an individual’s time. But since of this game there is a noteworthy increment in the capacity of the individual to build their intellectual abilities, intelligence skills, instantaneous powers, mathematical abilities etc. This is why play is so important in student life. In today’s fast era, if a person is doing the first thing to be relaxed for a moment, it is their decision of playing a game that can be refreshing to anybody from a mobile or a computer. At the point when plan and illustrations are joined with PC programming, it turns into a game and this kind of learning is called game designing and game development. Modification is made, you’ll be in your lifetime, once in a while likewise played the game. But today’s child is more likely to play a game in a mobile or computer than outer doors. About 72% of people on the planet play games every day. Because of this, the game maker can get good financial returns by showing ads to different advertising agencies. A student who has a keen interest in such topics as playing a game can make extraordinary progress in the field of game designing and development. So there is a lot of demand for game designers and developers now a decade.


    • 10/12 pass or fail students.
    • People who can think imaginatively
    • People who like to play games
    • People who want to make their own game.
    • Being a subject of interest.
    • According to the 2018 report, there was a huge industry of 9472.96 billion which will be 14505 billion by 2022.
    • Students can achieve great success in the field of designing and developing
    • Multimedia Artist / Animator. Many video gamers are also creatives – making this position all the more attractive to gamers. …
    • Game Tester.
    • Freelancing work can be done as a game designer.
    • Customer Support Agent in the Gaming industry. …
    • Developer
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