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    Flutter Training Course Objectives

    • Introduction to Flutter
    • Working of Dart Language
    • Anatomy of Flutter
    • How does Flutter works?
    • Career in Flutter and Job Roles
    • Potential of Flutter
    • How Mobile Apps Created?
    • What is App Development Process?
    • How to Deal with Database
    • Understand the working of any Application Lifecycle
    • How to use different assets in your App
    • Creating your own Flutter Applications
    • Dealing with Exceptions and Errors
    • Interact with Gestures
    • Routing Logics
    • Validating forms with validations
    • Theme Customization
    • Accessing System Applications
    • Platform Specific Coding
    • Working with Multimedia
    • How to deal with APIs?
    • How to apply Animations?
    • How to integrate Social Media?
    • Firebase Interaction & Notifications
    • GitHub
    • How to Publish your App?

    Flutter Course Syllabus

    Core Flutter

    Introduction to Dart
    • History & Installation of Dart SDK
    • First Dart Program using DartPad, CMD and VS Code
    Fundamentals of Dart
    • Variables, Datatypes, Constants (final & const keyword)
    • Operators & It’s types
    • String Interpolation
    Introduction of Flutter
    • Introduction and Installation of Flutter SDK
    • Setting up VS Code and Android Studio
    • Setting up an Android Virtual Device (AVD)
    • Create First App
    • Understanding the Project Directory Structure
    • Run App on Android Emulator and iOS Simulator
    • Run App on Physical Device
    • Remove the ‘debug’ label from App
    Anatomy of Flutter App
    • What is a Widget?
    • Importing flutter material package
    • Material Design Introduction
    • The tree structure of Widgets
    • MaterialApp Widget
    • SafeArea, Center & Text widget
    • Scaffold widget
    Dart Collections & Generics
    • List (fixed-length & growable)
    • Set
    • Map
    Styling with Text
    • TextStyle class in Detail
    • constructor widget
    • RichText() widget
    • Display content using variables & string interpolation
    Single-Child Layout Widgets
    • Align
    • Baseline
    • Center
    • Container
    • Expanded
    • IntrinsicHeight
    • IntrinsicWidth
    • Padding
    • SizedBox
    • Transform
    • SingleChildScrollView
    Access System Apps
    • Using Camera and Gallery by integrating ‘image_picker’ package
    • Phone Call using ‘url_launcher’ package
    • Share content using ‘share’ package
    Multi-Child Layout Widgets
    • Column
    • Row
    • Stack
    Asset Handling
    • Understanding pubspec.yaml file
    • Exploring Google Fonts
    • Import Font Files
    • Setting up assets path for images and fonts
    • Image & CircleAvatar Widget
    • Set font for a whole app and for a specific widget
    File Handling
    • BoxDecoration() class
    • Gradient Background
    • border & borderRadius property
    Dart Control Structure & Functions
    • Types of Control Structure
    • UDF (User Defined Function)
    • Function as Expression
    • Types of Function Parameters
    Object Oriented Programming (OOP)
    • Class & Object
    • Constructor & Its types
    • Cascade Operator
    • Inheritance & Its types
    Widgets & Refactoring
    • Types of Widgets (StatelessWidget & StatefulWidget)
    • Refactoring StatelessWidget to StatefulWidget
    • Lifecycle of Stateful Widget
    • Creating Custom Widget
    Gesture Detection
    • GestureDetector widget
    • InkWell widget
    • Material widget
    Routes & Navigation
    • Types of Routing
    • Navigation Class
    • Route Class
    • Navigator.push()
    • Navigator.pop()
    • MaterialPageRoute Class
    • Navigator.pushNamed()
    • initialRoute property
    • onGenerateRoute property
    • Passing data through Page
    Buttons & Dialogs
    • Types of Buttons (Different Button Widgets)
    • DropdownButton, DropdownMenuItem and PopupMenuButton
    • CheckBox, Radio, RadioListTile, Slider, RangeSlider, Switch
    • Types of Alert Dialogs
    Forms & Validation
    • TextField, Form & TextFormField Widget
    • InputDecoration Class
    • Customizing Keyboard Type
    • Obscuring Text
    • validator, onSaved & autovalidate property
    • FormState & GlobalKey Class
    • currentState.validate(), & currentState.reset()
    Customizing Theme
    • ThemeData Class
    • TextTheme Class
    • Changing Status bar and Navigation bar color
    • Changing the Orientation of an App
    • Duration Class
    • Types of Progress Bar
    • Adding a Splash Screen
    Core Flutter UI Views
    • Types of ListView
    • Types of GridView
    Exception Handling
    • try … on block
    • try … catch block
    • try … on … catch block – finally block

    Advance Flutter

    Social Media Integration
    • Login with Google using ‘google_sign_in’ package
    • Login with Facebook using ‘flutter_facebook_login’ package
    Firebase Interaction
    • What is Firebase?
    • Adding Firebase to App
    • Creating a Firebase Project
    • Adding Firebase config file to android and iOS directory structure
    • Using ‘firebase_auth’ plugin
    • Authentication using Firebase
    • Login / Register using Firebase
    • Firebase Storage with Real-Time Database
    Flutter App Life Cycle
    • Flutter AppLifeCycleState
    • Local notifications with ‘flutter_local_notifications’ package
    • Firebase Notifications with ‘firebase_messaging’ package
    Publish Code to GitHub
    • What is GitHub?
    • Installation of Git
    • Creating a GitHub Account
    • Create the first GitHub Repository
    • Push the first App on GitHub
    • Grab Project from GitHub
    Publishing Flutter App
    • Google Play Console Account
    • Package name change
    • Version change
    • Building App for Release
    • Build an App Bundle
    • Build an APK
    • Publish to Google Play Store
    Dart Libraries
    • Importing and Using Libraries
    • Custom Library
    • as, show and hide Keyword
    Using External Packages
    • Using site
    • Set Icons from ‘font_awesome_flutter’ package
    • Apply different fonts using ‘google_fonts’ package
    • Integrating ‘rflutter_alert’ package
    Platform Specific Coding
    • Check System Platform
    • Importing flutter cupertino package
    • MaterialApp vs CupertinoApp Widget
    • Cupertino (iOS-style) widgets
    Advance Flutter UI Views
    • TabBarView
    • PageView
    • BottomNavigationBar
    UI Enhancement
    • Drawer
    • Stepper
    • showBottomSheet
    • showDatePicker
    • showTimePicker
    Asynchronous Programming
    • Future Class
    • Duration Class & Future.delayed() constructor
    • async & await
    Web View UI
    • Implementing WebView using ‘webview_flutter’ package
    • Implementing WebView using ‘flutter_inappwebview’ package
    Runtime Permission
    • Requesting runtime permissions
    • Adding Android & iOS Permissions
    • Using ‘permission_handler’ package
    • Integrating ‘geolocator’ package
    • Geolocator widget
    Working with Multimedia
    • Setting up the assets path for media files
    • Audio player using ‘audioplayers’ package
    • Video player using ‘video_player’ & ‘chewie’ package
    • Image slider using ‘carousel_slider’ package
    Shared Preference
    • Persistent key-value data using ‘shared_preferences’ plugin
    • Login & Logout mechanism
    • One-time splash/intro screen
    Dart Encapsulation
    • Setters and Getters
    • this keyword
    Networking with APIs
    • How API Works?
    • Network Request with ‘http’ package
    • Using ‘JSONPlaceholder’ API
    • Add spinner while loading using ‘flutter_spinkit’ package
    Working with Animation
    • Canvas & CustomPainter Class
    • Overriding paint() & shouldRepaint() method
    • Offset, Path & Paint Class
    • Drawing custom shapes
    • CustomClipper Class
    • Overriding getClip() & shouldReclip() method
    • ClipOval, ClipRect, ClipRRect & ClipPath Widget
    Drawing and Clipping
    • What is JSON?
    • json module
    • Serialization & Deserialization of Data
    • Read and Write JSON data with File
    • Working with Live JSON API Data
    Database Interaction
    • What is Database?
    • Types of Database
    • SQLite Database
    • Creating & Performing SQL queries on DB Browser
    • Integrating ‘sqflite’ plugin
    • Creating Database Model Class & Database Helper Class
    • Performing CRUD Operation
    • Using an external DB file

    Flutter Training Course Overview

    We Are One Of The First & Top Flutter Training Provider In Surat.

    We offer 100% job guarantee after completing the course.
    In Gujarat, RNW is only one android ATC Authorized Training Provider so Student can get the maximum benefit of the latest curriculum in android technology
    This course is designed to meet all levels of student requirements. Our android trainer understands the actual need of the fresher student to professional
    Our trainer will make sure a complete understanding of each and every concept included in course because of listening and solving student’s doubt one to one.

    Best Flutter Training Institute In Surat

    RNW technologies mainly focus on the present scope of the android app and real-time requirements.
    Each section of the module will boost your programming skills. Realtime projects will be conducted like creating many real world applications.
    On successful completion of the course, you will definitely get a job.

    What Are The Prerequisites For Flutter Course?

    Basic knowledge of computer is good to start learning with, you don’t need any degree or diploma to secure a job, Nowadays companies are not specifically asking for a degree or diploma.

    Other Benefits Of Learning Flutter Are:

    Always in demandApplication development gains its popularity after releasing the Android OS. Since that time, many of the developers try to make their career in Android development. But since its now quite an overwhelming technology and being too common among developers, job vacancies may be going down at any time. Since we have the latest and trending Google framework to develop an amazing cross-platform application with Flutter, we have great career option in App development field. Flutter is always in demand since it released and gain more popularity than React-Native.
    You can be your own Boss By learning Flutter, you are able to create such projects and real-time applications that will enhance your portfolio potential and you are ready for the best career option. But what if you want to make your own business. Well, that is also possible with Flutter. With the help of Flutter, you can also start your own business and freelancing for extra income.
    Cross Platform Service with trust of Google Without any doubt, we all know that Flutter is a product of gigantic IT leader Google. Since Flutter has all its back with google, we can assure ourselves to get always high-quality maintenance and updates regarding Flutter. Making Android & IOS applications with single codebase is so much time-reducing and efficient with Dart language and Flutter.
    Unleash the True Potential Google’s amazing and latest Material design is by-default built-in Flutter. You can start building your App with Material design with no extra setup. Apple’s great looking Cupertino design is also available in Flutter. So, we can build an amazing UI/UX powered application for both platforms with a single codebase. And with these all great possibilities, you can create any type of application that works on both platforms.


    If you want to work as a cross-platform mobile application developer then this program is for you. You can join the program whether you are a fresh graduate, or you want to change your domain to the IT field. We believe that you have the right to choose the career path of your choice.

    The most trusted framework for developing cross-platform mobile apps to secure your future career options with Googles.

    Sure, we would love to be with you.

    You should have knowledge about basic C & C ++ programming knowledge. But if you are not great at that, you can still enroll in the program. We follow this course with the DART programming language that is going to be used in the Flutter framework.

    We accept both offline process and online process. You can also pay fees with the help of EMI.

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