Donate Your Blood To Save The Life

Donate Your Blood To Save The Life

Donate Your Blood To Save The Life

To donate something means to give something for good without expectation of replay.

To donate something means you are going to do something good and changing someone’s life by helping them out and if you do something good for someone, something good happens to you Too.

The donation can be of anything like clothes, food, blood, money, books, footwear, education, Knowledge any many more things.

In this blog, I’m gonna talk about blood donation.

Blood Donation = Life Donation

Blood is the most sensitive thing that any time any person can be required of blood while operation, Accident, delivery, surgery so its good to store blood to use in emergency and for that its required donation of blood.

Many organization, NGOs, hospitals, gov. teams organize blood donation camp to collect blood.

Same as Mega Blood Donation Camp was organized by Jay Jawan Samiti and Varachha Classes Association at J.D. Gabani Hall, Mini Bazar, Surat.

RNW Staff and Faculties At The Donation Camp

In this camp, students of Red & White Multimedia Education played a big role to manage all the thing and give their big effect to carry out this camp successfully.

Students of RNW helping the donors

Students & faculty were worked as volunteers and help donors by providing energy drinks. Red and white multimedia education staff had also motivated many people to donate blood.

Because one’s donation can save many life.

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