Professional Creo Training in Surat


CREO from the PTC is a complete package that is a concept design of 2D and 3D simulation and energetic software, what is unique about this course is that this plays a key role while designing a product and during the product development. This course has diversified tools and involved participation of diversified people as well.

    • Introduction to advance CAD
    • Using sketcher tools.
    • Understanding parametric relations.
    • Editing features and geometry.
    • Object creation and modification.
    • Make and use of family table.
    • Use of Relations and parameter.
    • Create UDF (user defined feature).
    • To create assembly and sections.
  • Use of assembly constrains and mechanism.
  • Exploded assembly views.
  • Sheet metal and Surfacing features.
  • Creating Animation Object Like(Human, Car, Fan, Water fall…etc)
  • Mould (casting) tools Welding features
  • 2d drawing creation from model
  • To create BOM and balloons and Template making
  • Animation creation and Analysis

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