It’s time to Avoid Corona.

It’s time to Avoid Corona.

These days, there is nothing to lose except a few bucks, but if someone goes out and causes an infection in the house, they should suffer more than difficulties.

So follow this strictly:

  • We all have as much grain as we can provide nutrition for six months, so just go out to get only vegetables and milk and use it after proper wash and don’t use it for 8-10 hours at least.
  • We have the utmost need to be careful and cautious as medical facilities are limited in our country.
  • Isolate yourself and your family in the house, Don’t go outside, obey the government instructions.
  • Stay home, stay safe, Maintain social distance, Minimize the use of AC.
  • Coming back from out, wash your hands, feet and wash your face immediately and wash for a minimum of 20 seconds and also take care that you are not wasting water.
  • Keep children and older people at home especially because most of them are infected first.
  • Give your maid, driver and servants a paid leave as they move to many other homes and can also get infections.
  • If you have a fever cough and a hard time breathing, urgently visit the nearest doctor and make sure you won’t spread the disease to others.
  • Keep distance from each other, Avoid going into the crowd, avoid coughing or sneezing.
  • Don’t touch your eyes, nose, and mouth, if you have somehow come into contact with the coronavirus touching your face can help it to enter your body.

All of these may seem like overreacting, but that’s all we needed right now because a little negligence can be fatal.

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