Android Training Course in Surat

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Everyone knows that Android is developed by main contributor and commercial marketer of Google. That is the reason the present period should now be known as the Android time in light of the fact that 98% of the world’s mobiles are Android based framework mobiles. And now Televisions and numerous different gadgets additionally work from the Android framework. So imagine how much employment there will be in this field.

Today, India is the second most mainstream nation on the planet with versatile mobile products, we can understand that the interest of Android developers is weighing vigorously. There is a demand for Android developers in the service department of mobile companies and this interest is going to increase day by day so the demand of Android Developer will rapidly going to be increased, so for any individual who needs to do this course then this course will give a great opportunity like golden egg.

After becoming an Android developer, a person can start his very own Android service center for business and can utilize others too as an employee. This course can be pursued by anybody from standard 10th pass to postgraduate, and for the individual who wants to graduate in the media field, this point is great for further, and they can do well in the future. if you want to learn android development you can learn from our institute.

Android training in Surat

Having a vision to develop your own android application?. that’s perfect and right time to get up and start learning android. You are just step away from start making your dream apps join our android development course in Surat and we will show you how to make android apps. In this course we will teach you in depth of android development and how android development industry works. While on going training we will help you to launch your first android app and insights about how development process goes on. Best part about our course we are giving Practical and understandable way. our android training is more focused on practical rather than theoretical where student will implement each and every thing.

Why to join android course in Surat?

Our Student doesn’t only gets practical but also industry experience what are new updates and changes in the industry. Red and white institute in Surat teaches all kind of android concept.
And after completion of your course duration every student submit its android projects. We have trained more than 100+ students and all are placed in IT Company you can checkout reviews about our android training. We are also giving project training for BCA and MCA students and if you want to do project training then we also have project training in Surat option.

What you will learn

  • What Software should be used android development?
  • What should be structure of app?
  • How to solve programming errors professionally?
  • How to make app compatible with older versions?
  • How to add user interface?
  • How to create layout of app?
  • How to designs app?
  • How to insert data and output data?

Android Corporate Development

  • Corporate development is base on client requirement
    Online Shopping App | Budget Tracker App | GST Calculator App | Chatting App
  • Android Product base Development
    Product base is based on own idea.
    Photo Video Editor | Music Player | MP3 Cutter | Custom File Explorer
  • Android Game Development
    Develop game using android
    Kid Game | Bubble Squash Game | Sudoku Game | Tic-Tac-Toe Game
  • Mobile Application and Graphics Design
    Best Ul design for Application
    Logo and in design
    Screens o background design
    Various frame design
  • Play Store & ASO (App Store optimization)
    Publish app in google play store
    App ranking ASO
    Increase downloads and rating using ASO
    How to earn more money with play store
    Various Ads provided platform(Admob.Facebook.Startup)
  • Final Project
    Develop real world project
    Structure of company level project
    Develop project with less time.
    How to manage many projects at the same time
    How to develop project with lowest cost with more quality

If you want to learn ios then we are also giving ios training in surat and you can also learn ios app development.

We have latest Course Curriculum 

Introduction to Android OS

  • Overview Of Android
  • Intro Of Android Studio
  • History Of Android
  • Android Architecture
  • Types of Android Application

Types of Layouts

  • Relative Layout
  • Linear Layout
  • Frame Layout
  • Coordinator Layout
  • Constraint Layout
  • Percentage Layout

Android Widgets

  • Button
  • TextView
  • EditText
  • ImageView
  • Image Button
  • Checkbox
  • Radio button
  • Toast Message
  • Context Class
  • Seek Bar
  • Scroll View
  • Spinner
  • Autocomplete Text View
  • Butter Knife
  • Text Input Layout
  • Inbuilt List View & Grid View
  • Event Handlers & Listener
  • External Font Use
  • Screen Orientation
  • Remove Action Bar
  • Android Form
  • Change Color of Status Bar

Android Menu & Dialogs

  • Option Menu & Toolbar
  • Style and Themes
  • Date Picker Dialog
  • Time Picker Dialog
  • Alert Dialog & Custom Dialog


  • Static Fragment
  • Dynamic Fragment

Save & Share Content

  • Save Image in Data Storages
  • Share Image & Text

SQLite Database

  • Introducing Database (Local Database & Server Side Database )
  • Intro of SQLite Database
  • SQLiteOpenHelper and Creating a Database
  • Insert, Update, Delete, Retrieve
  • Working with Cursors
  • Database with Tab layout
  • External Database Use

Web Service

  • Use of Base Activity
  • Use of Application Class
  • Introducing Web Service
  • JSON Parsing(JSON Array & Object)
  • JSON Parsing Using Volley (Get & Post Method)
  • Path Query With Retrofit (Advanced API Calling)
  • Retrofit JSON Parsing (Get & Post Method)

Advanced Background Service

  • Foreground Service
  • Background Service

Firebase (Real Time Database)

  • Introducing Firebase
  • Firebase Auth
  • Firebase Database
  • Firebase Storage
  • Firebase Notification

Publish Application

  • Package name change
  • Version change
  • Create build APK
  • APK analyze
  • JKS File
  • Create Signed APK and Bundle
  • Live application

Setup of Android Development Environment

  • System Requirements
  • Android Studio Installation
  • Android Platform Tools, Version
  • Android lifecycle
  • Android SDK & Tools
  • Android Virtual Devices
  • Introduction Gradle
  • Hierarchy Program Structure
  • Device and Emulator control

Android Components Introduction

  • Activity & Activity Lifecycle
  • Services
  • Content Providers
  • Widgets & Notifications
  • Intent & Broadcast Receivers

Intent and Intents Filter

  • Implicit Intent
  • Explicit Intent
  • Intent Filter Elements
  • Passing Data Using Static
  • Library Integration
  • External Library with Jar
  • External Library with Dependency
  • Module Integration

Android UI

  • Custom List View
  • Custom Grid View
  • Recycler View
  • Card View
  • Web View
  • Animation

Image Loader Library

  • Glide
  • Picasso
  • Universal Image Loader


  • Image Access from Gallery
  • Image Access from Camera


  • Tab layout Using ViewPager & Fragment

Navigation Drawer

  • Inbuilt Navigation Drawer
  • Custom Navigation Drawer
  • How to Make Intro App (Ex. Xender )

Shared Preference

  • Create Shared Preference
  • Read and Retrieve Data from Shared Preference


  • Simple Notification
  • Inbox Type Notification
  • Big Text Notification
  • Big Image Notification

Social Media Integration

  • Log In With Facebook
  • Log In With Gmail

Runtime Permission

  • Normal Permission
  • Dangerous Permission

Material Design

  • Color
  • Icon
  • Font
  • Images
  • Material Theme
  • Material XML Animation

App Decoding

  • Introduction to Decoding
  • Use Code from other App
  • Use Resources from other App
  • Get Information of Library from other App

NDK (Native Development Kit)

  • Overview of NDK
  • Setup of NDK
  • How to hide URL using NDK