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    Android Development Training Course Objectives

    • Introduction to mobile app development
    • Material design of the mobile app
    • Make app very user friendly with the help of large control variety
    • Real world app creation
    • Maintain more security in app
    • Live app on play store and get more downloads and reviews
    • Social media integration
    • Firebase real time database
    • Mobile app decoding

    What Our Students Say About Us

    Android Development Course Syllabus Syllabus

    Android Core

    Introduction to Android OS
    • Overview Of Android
    • Intro Of Android Studio
    • History Of Android
    • Android Architecture
    • Types of Android Application
    Types of Layouts
    • Relative Layout
    • Linear Layout
    • Frame Layout
    • Coordinator Layout
    • Constraint Layout
    • Percentage Layout
    Android Widgets
    • Button
    • TextView
    • EditText
    • ImageView
    • Image Button
    • Checkbox
    • Radio button
    • Toast Message
    • Context Class
    • Seek Bar
    • Scroll View
    • Spinner
    • Autocomplete Text View
    • Butter Knife
    • Text Input Layout
    • Inbuilt List View & Grid View
    • Event Handlers & Listener
    • External Font Use
    • Screen Orientation
    • Remove Action Bar
    • Android Form
    • Change Color of Status Bar
    Android UI
    • File Handling
    • Commonly Used File Functions
    • Directory Functions
    Image Loader Library
    • Glide
    • Picasso
    • Universal Image Loader
    • Image Access from Gallery
    • Image Access from Camera
    Shared Preference
    • Create Shared Preference
    • Read and Retrieve Data from Shared Preference
    Android Components Introduction
    • Activity & Activity Lifecycle
    • Services
    • Content Providers
    • Widgets & Notifications
    • Intent & Broadcast Receivers
    Intent and Intents Filter
    • Implicit Intent
    • Explicit Intent
    • Intent Filter Elements
    • Passing Data Using Static
    • Library Integration
    • External Library with Jar
    • External Library with Dependency
    • Module Integration
    Material Design
    • Color
    • Icon
    • Font
    • Images
    • Material Theme
    • Material XML Animation
    Android Menu & Dialogs
    • Popup Menu
    • Alert Dialog
    • Custom Dialog

    Android Advance

    • Static Fragment
    • Dynamic Fragment
    Save & Share Content
    • Save Image in Data Storages
    • Share Image & Text
    Social Media Integration
    • Log In With Facebook
    • Log In With Gmail
    Runtime Permission
    • Normal Permission
    • Dangerous Permission
    SQLite Database
    • Introducing Database (Local Database & Server Side Database )
    • Intro of SQLite Database
    • SQLiteOpenHelper and Creating a Database
    • Insert, Update, Delete, Retrieve
    • Working with Cursors
    • Database with Tab layout
    • External Database Use
    Web Service
    • Use of Base Activity
    • Use of Application Class
    • Introducing Web Service
    • JSON Parsing(JSON Array & Object)
    • JSON Parsing Using Volley (Get & Post Method)
    • Path Query With Retrofit (Advanced API Calling)
    • Retrofit JSON Parsing (Get & Post Method)
    Firebase (Real Time Database)
    • Introducing Firebase
    • Firebase Auth
    • Firebase Database
    • Firebase Storage
    • Firebase Notification
    Publish Application
    • Package name change
    • Version change
    • Create build APK
    • APK analyze
    • JKS File
    • Create Signed APK and Bundle
    Navigation Drawer
    • Inbuilt Navigation Drawer
    • Custom Navigation Drawer
    • How to Make Intro App (Ex. Xender )
    NDK (Native Development Kit)
    • Overview of NDK
    • Setup of NDK
    • How to hide URL using NDK
    Advanced Background Servaice
    • Foreground Service
    • Background Service
    • Simple Notification
    • Inbox Type Notification
    • Big Text Notification
    • Big Image Notification
    • Tab layout Using ViewPager & Fragment

    Master Course In Android

    Android App Development
    • Android is open source
    • Android is easy to understand
    • Android is powerful operating system
    • Android has 85% market place in mobile development
    • In android we can develop following category app:
    Back End Development
    • Widely used programming language
    • Easy to understand
    • Make developing fast
    • App development using java and kotlin.
    Android Corporate Development
    PRODUCT BASE IS BASED ON OWN IDEA. Example:- Photo Video Editor | Music Player | MP3 Cutter | Custom File Explorer
    Android Game Development
    DEVELOP GAME USING ANDROID Example:- Kid Game | Bubble Squash Game | Sudoku Game | Tic-Tac-Toe Game
    Mobile Application and Graphics Design
    • Best Ul design for Application
    • Logo and Icon design
    • Screenshot and Background design
    • Various frame design
    Play Store & ASO (App Store optimization)
    • Publish app in google play store
    • App ranking ASO
    • Increase downloads and rating using ASO
    • How to earn more money with play store
    • Various Ads provided platform(Admob, Facebook, Startup)
    Final Project
    • Develop real world project
    • Structure of company level project
    • Develop project with less time.
    • How to manage many projects at the same time
    • How to develop project with lowest cost with more quality

    Android Development Course Overview

    We Are Only One ATC Authorised Training Provider In Gujarat.

    We offer 100% job guarantee after completing the course.
    In Gujarat, RNW is only one android ATC Authorized Training Provider so Student can get the maximum benefit of the latest curriculum in android technology
    This course is designed to meet all levels of student requirements. Our android trainer understands the actual need of the fresher student to professional
    Our trainer will make sure a complete understanding of each and every concept included in course because of listening and solving student’s doubt one to one.

    Best Android Training Institute In Surat

    RNW technologies mainly focus on the present scope of the android app and real-time requirements.
    Each section of the module will boost your programming skills. Realtime projects will be conducted like creating many real world applications.
    On successful completion of the course, you will definitely get a job.

    What Are The Prerequisites For Android Development Course?

    Basic knowledge of computer is good to start learning with, you don’t need any degree or diploma to secure a job, Nowadays companies are not specifically asking for a degree or diploma.

    Other Benefits Of Learning Android Development Are:

    High user base
    The mobile app industry is growing regarding the huge and growing user base, symbolize the influence of this system.

    Cross-Platform Compatibility
    Android platform offers developers chance for developmental research in partnership with other platforms.

    Significant for brand building
    Without the aid of a website designer as well as a developer, no brand can grow. The simple way is to use these websites with technological advancement which made it possible for more people to know about various brands. Every business searching, for a web designer or developer with talents, all you need to take classes from Pune about web designing.

    Android has no developmental condition like iOS platform, Android is highly flexible to go after many developmental capabilities.

    High demand for Android developers
    Now a time software Companies are looking for mobile app and software firms are turning to mobile app development. This growing situation has increased the demand for aspect Android developers.


    Easy Accessibility
    A developer can use the Android open source platform from anywhere or anytime through a system, device and internet connection.


    High Earning Potential
    Developers can develop an android app for a business company with a software firm or they can work from their home as well by creating a mobile application

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