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About Javascript Course

Node.js is a scalable network application runtime that is based on an asynchronous event-driven JavaScript runtime. Many connections can be handled at the same time in the following "hello world" example. The callback is invoked after each connection, but if there is no work to be done, Node.js sleeps.

Course Duration 1 Month

Daily Time 2 Hours

Course Modules


  • JavaScript Importance
  • ECMAScript & Versions & Install Environment Scratch JS
  • Show different Types of Output Methods (alert, console, document, inner HTML)
  • Syntax and Operations Of JS
  • Conditions & Looping
  • Different types of Variable Like(var, const, let)
  • Array and String With Different Methods
  • Overview of Node Js Training and Functions (Function Types, Return Types)
  • Working with Objects(Prototype, Methods)
  • Use Different Types of Objects LIKE (Date, Math, Boolean, Number)
  • Understanding ES6 Concept

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