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Adobe Photoshop is a software that deals with editing a photo in a way that it engages with the end user better. Photoshop is the brain child of Knoll brothers John and Thomas. John Knoll is a supervisor of visual effects and Chief Creative Officer (CCO) in the company Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) and Thomas Knoll is a software engineer.Thomas was the main who took the initiative of developing the software aspects while John had put together the graphical interface for it. Photoshop is the most widely used photo editing software of the world. The reason behind Photoshop being a hot favorite with designers and editors is that the software is user friendly.

Photoshop Course Module

  • Concept Of Raster & Vector Graphics
  • Internet Surfing for Images and Flat Icons
  • Fundamental Of Resolution
  • Paper Size sense
  • Image Editing and Mixing tools
  • Color Adjustment and Adjustment Layer
  • B/W to Color Photo
  • Create Studio Album Design
  • Shape tools
  • Layers and Layer Style
  • Brushes and Shape Library
  • Concept Of Branding and Mockups.
  • Creating Logo, Banner, Brochure, Packaging Materials Designing.
  • Intro. Of Graphics And Web Graphics
  • Internet Surfing for Images and Flat Icons
  • Web Layout, Mobile Apps. And Paper Size sense
  • Image Editing and Mixing tools
  • Color Adjustment and Adjustment Layer
  • Shape Tools & Library
  • Concept Of Branding and Mockups
  • Project: Logo Design, Web Banners Design, Social Media Poster Design
  • Project: Creating Mobile Apps. UI & UX Design
  • Project: Creating Web Layout For Responsive & Bootstrap

About Course

The tools are easy to understand and one can not only edit pictures and photos but also create an image from the scratch, restore old snaps, combine pictures with text, make a piece of artistic design and also remove errors that were made by the photographer at the time of photo clicking. There is a saying ‘Nothing in life is just handed over on a silver platter’ but Photoshop hands over the keys to creating a great image in the easiest manner at your disposal.

Even though Photoshop looks simple there are some principal concepts that need to be crystal clear in order to create a picture that can be considered as something which draws the end user’s attention.this will be possible by gaining access to high class adobe photoshop training from an apparently experienced Adobe photoshop training institute When it comes to Surat there are a number of companies that are related to textiles and diamonds which require photo editors who can design the photos of their products in a way that it clicks with the population. Similarly today everyone is going online and has a website they require a photo editor to display their products and services in the manner that can bring in more customers.

Similarly Surat is also a place where there are a number of modelling and photo studios where people click photos on occasion like engagement, marriage, reception, festivals like Diwali, Eid, Christmas, etc . These photo studios are in the lookout for a photo editor who can adjust the color, contrast, sharpness, size and resolution of the photograph in best manner which maximizes the appearance of the clients. There are enough opportunities in the city itself where you can get a job in this field, you can also start your own business or you can get a job online at freelancer basis as well.

Inorder to absorb the various techniques of photo editing the primary requirement is a good Adobe photo shop training institute. The institute should be focusing on not only teaching techniques that are fathomable but also provide a way of application of concepts that are learnt in the Adobe photoshop training course. All these important aspects are taken care by only one institute in Surat that is Red and White Multimedia Education. You can also learn web designing from our institute we are providing professional web designing course in surat so you can learn it from professionals

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