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    Adobe Fireworks a software that belong to the vector graphics editor and bitmap family. It was earlier owned by Macromedia who sold it to Adobe in the year 2005. Though the software is discontinued now it is very important to learn the concepts that it was based on. The website designers could produce new web prototypes and application interfaces very rapidly.

    Fireworks Course Module

    • Learn About Firework Tools & Menu
    • Web Pages Designing & CSS template Converting

    About Course

    The software had the capability to be added with hotspots. Creating slices was also an important element that could be taken care by them. The software had the capability to integrate with other products of the Adobe family like Adobe Dreamweaver and Flash. In the Adobe fireworks training the student would be able to use a standalone product or use it with Adobe Creative Suite. In the adobe fireworks training course importance would also be given to the Macromedia Studio through which you can get information and develop skills in the firework software.

    The main reason why Fireworks is no longer in use is because many of the features are already available in other products of Adobe like Photoshop and Illustrator. Since these features were already available in the other products it lead to overlapping of functionality. So to avoid confusion citing the increasing overlap in functionality with its other products Adobe removed it. The latest version of Fireworks is Fireworks CS6. The company does not have any aspiration of adding any new feature to it however it will provide support in updates on security to safeguard the systems from bugs.

    The file sizes of Adobe Fireworks built software are smaller than the other products of Adobe. The other important feature of Fireworks are that it used master pages, shared layers and library symbols which is again something that is missing in the other products. The main drawback of fireworks is its inability to print the files properly and its constant annoying the user by doing things that were not commanded. Though the situation now getting better with Fireworks CS6 because a number of bugs have been removed by CSS.

    It is very important to do Adobe fireworks training because complex UX designs can be made very well in Fireworks in comparison to other products of Adobe. That is the reason why it is still favored by people who are visual artist in movie or short film based industry and advertisement agencies.

    It is very important that you take the classes from a good Adobe Fireworks training institute in surat which gives thorough knowledge about pixels, pages and its state, symbol and libraries. Red and white multimedia education is the only institute that can give you its support through eminent faculties.

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