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Video Editing Training

Software to Learn

Course Cover

  • Concept Of Raster & Vector Graphics
  • Internet Surfing for Images and Flat Icons
  • Fundamental Of Resolution
  • Paper Size sense.
  • Image Editing and Mixing tools
  • Color Adjustment and Adjustment Layer
  • Create Studio Album Design
  • Fundamental Of Linear & Non Linear Editing
  • Fundamental Of Video Formats & Converting Video
  • Mechanism Of Videos & FPS
  • Working With Project and Sequence
  • Video Cutting & Editing Tools
  • Video Effect & Sound Effect
  • Working with Multiple Camera suiting
  • Project: Create Video Remix & Double Role Clip
  • Working On Color Key & Stabilize Video
  • Working with timeline of After Effect
  • Working On Composition
  • Effects, Layer & Editing Tools
  • Create Black and White to Color Video
  • Motion Graphics
  • VFX
  • Title For Movie And Marriage Movie
  • Project: Create Documentary & Presentation
  • Project: Create Advertisement
  • Working With Compositions
  • Rendering Video

Video editing is the technique of transforming a video into something which is dynamic and appealing to the eyes. The process contains appropriate arrangement, decoration, special effects addition, sound mixing, colour rectification, etc which will make the video more communicative to the audience. It can be done live while on site or at the time of post-production of the video by using various tools which will convert the raw file into something which is better alluring to the targeted spectators.

Video editing is an important part of the final process of video making because there are a number of things while making a video which might not go so well. For instance in a wedding video an unwanted guest causing chaos or the sound of a child crying would not be something that the bride and bridegroom would like to share with the people who have not attended the ceremony or even those who have attended the function and want to go nostalgic. So a video editor is the person who has the last word in deciding what will make sense to the targeted viewers and what will not. So video editing training gives technical skills and knowledge about what to retain and what not to as well as how to beautify what is retained.

There are a number of productions and sales based entities in Surat for textiles and diamonds since the city is an epicentre of these industries in India and the world. The real estate field is also fast booming in India since these industries bring in employment and people from around the world which brings in a need of offices and residential areas for them. You can also easily get a job in these fields because this industry needs people who can prepare videos for them in which models showoff the diamond jewellery or the men’s and women outfits. Moreover Surat has a number of colleges like Sir KP Commerce Commerce College, V T Choksi Law College and SPB Commerce and Arts College, Z F Wadia Women’s college etc. which have various college festivals celebrated round the year wherein the major college festivals are videoed. Similarly schools like St Xavier’s, Lourdes Convent, Seventh Day Adventist, Experimental, P R Khatiwala, Maheshwari , Delhi Public School, Poddar International, L P Savani, P P Savani , etc that have annual function which are videotaped as well. There are a number of marriages and festivals like Navratri, Christmas , etc which are also filmed. You can work as a video editor on a freelancer basis or in a Studio post a video editing training course from a reputed video editing training institute.

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