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Digital Marketing Training

Software to Learn

Course Cover

  • Fundamental of WWW
  • Creating own Web
  • Creating HTML Mail
  • Design Adv. Template
  • Using images & Fundamental of Resolution
  • Creating Adv. Template in PSD
  • Design for Web Graphics
  • Intro to Internet and Mechanism of Internet
  • Learn Google Services
  • Pages & Mapping
  • PPC (Pay Per Click)
  • Re- Marketing
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Google Analytic
  • Planning Integrated Digital Marketing
  • Free & Paid Listing
  • Working with Blog
  • Create Product Catalogue on Internet
  • Create & Manage Online Store

Marketing is the first requirement of every business in this modern era. Without having a good marketing strategy in place it is impossible to outgrow your competition and enlarge your business. The promotion methods today have changed with changing world. It is a tedious job to do it through traditional ways like brochure distribution, TV ads, newspaper adverts, tele-calling, etc. Moreover there is no way wherein you can be able to monitor the result vis-à-vis how fruitful the strategy was? The world has now gone to the digital side and in order to walk with the world it is inevitable to use these trends which is digital marketing for every business. Digital marketing is the promotion of products or brands through one or more forms of electronic media like email marketing, link building, creating and posting blogs, promotion on social medial like Facebook, Yahoo and Bing, etc. It is very important to study the demographics of a particular area in order to promote your particular product better. So for example if you are catering to a group that is in the older age group you might try email marketing however if you want to cater to younger age group you might promote your product through social media. The idea is to employ the right strategy that can not only help your consumers have better access to information at any time and place but also interactive enough so that they respond to you. No matter what business you are in you need to ensure that you use these approaches correctly to improve your business.

The main benefits of internet marketing is to reconnect market trends, study tools and techniques and apply them wisely. To understand all this you need the right amount of digital marketing training and a good online marketing trainer who has been a marketer in the past as well as a decent institute, which can impart in-depth perfect knowledge of the various online marketing trends. Red and white multimedia education is the leading institute for digital marketing training in Surat The training of the courses are imparted by well qualified professors who are there to resolve your queries and give quality education. The modules of online marketing are in the form of modules fragmented with compete educational structure.

Red and white multimedia education institute provides all the courses in online training like internet advertising, social media optimisation, search engine optimisation, PPC, SEO, mobile promotion, selling products via email, content writing and marketing to social media engagement, content development, digital analytics, and inbound marketing training. After the completion of the internet marketing course the student will be able to buildup their own internet marketing portfolio that would give them a better command over internet promotion strategies, internet tools, measuring the tools and executing the tools in a way that can bring about excellent business progression. Our institution will help the student in acquiring complete dominance in the field of online marketing backed up with live project and practical sessions. That is the litmus paper test of an educational institution that red and white multimedia education comes out with flying colours.The combination of this training and web designing trainingare best for excellent career

The course is specifically designed for people who are active online and want to get a better reach to their potential customers via digitisation in a time saving and cost effective manner. This will in turn lead you towards a better social life and help you to hit a balance between your social and professional life. Red and White multimedia education institute is the best option to go for in digital marketing training in Surat