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Android Training

Software Cover Content

  • Introduction Android OS.
  • Software Introduction
  • Android Architecture
  • Android lifecycle
  • Android Widgets
  • Screen Orientation
  • Android Components
  • Multimedia Access (Camera & Gallery)
  • Menus and Dialogs
  • Shared Preference (Temporary Data Storage)
  • SQLite Database
  • Fragments
  • Creating Attractive App Layout
  • Web Service (AsyncHttpClient)
  • ViewPager with Slider
Advance Android
  • Social Media Integration (Gmail & Facebook)
  • Data Binding Library
  • Web Service Implementation advance
  • Alarm Manager
  • Material Designing with Layouts
  • Run Time Permission in API 23+
  • Notification
  • ViewPager with Animation
  • RecyclerView & NavigationView
  • ADB (with mobile using Wi-Fi)

ANDROID leads the application development field by far today. It is utilized today as a building and operating system in major smart phones of the world. It devises a wide-range of software applications for cell phone devices in the field of operating systems and crucial mobile applications. It also offers access to a number of useful libraries and tools that are used to build rich applications. Moreover, there are entire customary tools built from scratch in this application. This demonstrates the standing of the android operating system in today’s mobile-centric world. The smartphone devices are here to stay for a long time and they get improved in a timely manner which means that there is a scope of constant growth in this field. It is world’s most popular operating system for smart electronic devices. The authenticity and importance of Android increases by leaps and bounds since it is owned by Google.

Currently, in India, there are about 250 million smart phone users in India which are just a rough estimate of smart phones. The tablet user is also on the rise especially in the student and business circles because of the ease it gives in taking notes in classrooms and meetings. It is used by major schools and colleges as well as business giants. The backbone through which the smart phone or a tablet operates is an android. Taking these stats into consideration it is a booming industry especially for people who are related to the Android sector.

Surat has pinned itself on the world map of diamond and textile industries. The people in Surat are usually business class people who love to spend on high-end electronic gadgets. Moreover, even if the person is from service class there would be a number of features that are provided at a lower price electronic device which have the same features as a high-end phone like Apple. So even if you are a person who does not want to leave the city there are sufficient opportunities for growth in the city itself.

If you are in Surat and you want to proceed further in android training Red and White multi media education institute is the best option at hand. It has major three locations at A K Road, Varachcha, and Nanpura which are easily commutable from anywhere in Surat and it can help you even if you are an outstation student from a city like Bardoli or Navsari you can easily reach the centers pretty easily for your android training.

There are very few institutes that can boost of the volume of experience that Red and white has behind its back in the field of information technology. Even if there would be institutes which have such experience the unique blend of teaching with job focused acquaintance is difficult to find. The course fees for android training in Surat is also something that can fit in your budget. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and enroll yourself for a free session on android training institute in Surat and know the difference yourself.