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2D 3D Animation Courses

Software to Learn

Course Cover

  • Fundamental of 2D Animation
  • Drawing Concepts for Cartoon Animation
  • Working With Timeline
  • Concept Of Frame By Frame Animation
  • Creating Cartoon Story Animation
  • Animation With Symbol & Text
  • Drawing Logo & Stationary Work
  • Creating Intro Design
  • Working With Animation Controlling Scripting
  • Sound Forge (Sound Editing)
  • 3D Max (3D Animation)
  • Modeling & Modification Tools
  • Texture & Materials Map
  • Light Tools For Creating Day & Night View
  • Object Animation & Camera
  • Creating Walk Through Animation
  • Humans Bones & Skin Parameters
  • Animation With Kinematics
  • Adv. Photoshop for Animation
  • Fundamental of Non Linear Editing
  • Adobe After Effects CC
  • Creating Animation With Text, Image & Audio
  • Adobe Premiere Pro CC
  • Creating Final Project

Animation is the procedure of creating images that are in a 2d or 3d format. Animators are artists who study and create animation for various non-electronic media like a flip book, movies and video tape as well as digital media. The animation is done by utilizing software like animated GIF, Flash and digital video. The animation can be presented on a computer, projector or even in a book or newspaper.

There are basically two forms of animation 2d animation and 3d animation. The 'D' in 2d and 3d stands for dimension. This means that the 2d takes into consideration the length and width of a geometric object say square while 3d takes a third dimension into consideration which breathes life in any object.

From technical prospective the 2d animation is the old version of animation which is decades old. However it is the building block of the 3d animation as well. It is a form that has been used since the 19th century. In those days the artist would draw by hand each frame of film using a paper and pencil, post that the images were piled up together and converted into frames. These frames were run at a speed of 24 frames per minute for making a 2d movie. Currently the tedious job of creating images is done by using software’s. There are a number of animated movies who have used 2d platforms like Jungle Book, Family Guy and old Walt Disney movies like Snow white and Warner Bros characters like Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck. The main importance of using a 2d imaging is that it is comparatively more cost effective and consumes less time and data to upload and download. It is also the basis of 3d animation. The 3d animation on the other hand is the animation that is used in majorly all animated movies as well as movies where animation was necessary like the robots of Transformers or the dinosaurs of Jurassic Park. The reason 3d animation is so popular is because they bring to life the object.this course include 3D Max Training| Adobe After Effect Training | Adobe Premiere Pro Training | Adobe Photoshop Training

Intensive 2d 3d animation training is required to master the art of animation. Moreover with the procedure to fit in the animation you also need to have an imaginative and innovative mind to master the art and science synthesis of 2d and 3d animation. The 2d 3d animation courses, provided at the institute are geared up taking into mind this framework. There are a number of 2D 3D Animation Course providers in Surat but very few of the 2d 3d animation institutes have a team of dedicated coaches like Red & white multimedia education whose only motive is to contribute to the excellent growth of the student in a way that his knowledge is decoded to gain a respectable job in the animation industry.